We have commenced Chronic Disease Management Programme since 2nd May 2012.

Medisave can be used for Diabetes, Hypertension and Lipid disorders treatment packages.

Medisave for Pneumococcal, HPV and Hep B vaccinations are also available.

We are CHAS certified

About Us  

Lee Family Clinic is about people. Whether it is staff or patients, people come first. Whether they are old or young, respect will be bestowed upon. Only the best will be provided, according to the needs of all who come to be served.

Bearing testimony to this philosophy are our customers, who built lasting relationship with us all these years, and brought us much joy, satisfaction and encouragement each day we operate.

  Check Up
• Adoption
• Domestic helper
• Food handler
• Outward bound
• Pre-employment
• Pre-marital
• Driving Licence
• University pre-admission
• Work Permit                     
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